We train, send teachers, and provide educational tools that support struggling schools around the world. Balm Seeds Inc. (BSI) encourage a multi-cultural learning experience, delivering quality education on a global level.

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  • Provide 100,000 students with educational resources by 2030
  • Create a culture of literacy and empowerment to the next generation of parents, teachers, and leaders.

Since inadequate education is the cause of poverty, by addressing those needs one ‘seed’ at a time, Balm Seeds can help eradicate global poverty. We need YOU to help us make this possible by volunteering and making monetary donations.
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Teachers are the foundation of our kids

Why  Teachers?

Unfortunately, in most third world countries children go without that vital resource.

Student-to-teacher ratio is unreasonable and the school system is in shambles. Schools are terribly overcrowded!

The typical classrooms in some rural areas consist of 70 or more pupils per teacher.

Children’s futures depend on access to a quality education and constructive activities that won’t suck them into gangs and futile behavior. By providing children with educational resources children will be more knowledgeable and therefore more productive in their community.

The need is simple: Children need teachers!

Why books?

In the United States, access to books, materials and resources are readily available. However, for most developing countries, access to books is a lot less accessible. To give these children a chance to use their potential qualities, we must provide the necessary resources and support. With your donations we can help create a culture of literacy for children in developing areas.
In most rural schools, it is common that only the teachers have books.

Without books to read and educators, literacy suffers – and when literacy suffers education suffers and opportunities decline.
Literacy provides global awareness

Inadequate education is the cause of poverty, by addressing those needs one ‘seed’ at a time, Balm Seeds can help eradicate global poverty.

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