The best thing that happened to me….

I DIDN’T KNOW HOW HAPPY & BRIGHT THEIR SMILES WOULD BE . . . As soon as I crossed the border into Haiti I was taken aback by their joy. I thought everyone would be sad, depressed, and focused on all the things they didn’t have. I could not have been more wrong!
From passing out our handmade bracelets and school supplies, painting their beautiful faces, watching the children proudly trying on their new school uniforms, hearing their joyful song as we walked into their school, to meeting each smiling face …. I felt like a rock star!
I would have to say the best thing that happened to me while in Haiti, was walking into that plush green field and hearing the women singing as they worked. Their joy radiated as they washed their clothes in the river, their children beside them swimming and playing. It permeated the very air!

My journey to Haiti has forever changed me! I am more appreciative for what I have. The Haitian people have taught me to live more simply, with the realization that all we really need to survive is food for our bellies, a roof over our heads, fresh water to drink, and someone to walk beside us.

I walked away with a sense of accomplishment, having seen a need and giving of myself in response to that need. They say it is better to give than to receive … I really can’t say for sure. I am overwhelmed by all that I have gained in making this journey. I received far more than I feel I gave. Isn’t it funny how it works that way?

Hopefully, in some small way I made a difference there, because they definitely made a difference in my life!
There is so much more work to be done. You will not regret a single moment if you choose to get involved. I promise you that . . . As for me? Haiti, I will be back soon!

-Kimberly Cataldo

Projects 2017-2020

Virtual STEAM training programs:

  • These programs will provide life skills, educational training to over hundreds of teachers and students world-wide.
  • Empower the citizens
  • Provide the schools with capable and knowledgeable teachers Convenient, reliable, and eliminates many of the risks and cost associated with sending teachers aboard
  • Create jobs.

Cafeteria Programs

Coming soon

Ongoing School Resources

Provide 150 struggling third world students every year with: 

  • School uniforms 
  • Back packs 
  • School supplies

School Gardens

  • Children’s schoolyard will be used as a classroom, reconnect students with the natural world and the true source of their food, and teach them valuable gardening and agriculture concepts and skills that integrate with several subjects, such as math, science, art, health and physical education, and social studies, as well as several educational goals, including personal and social responsibility.

Internet and Book Libraries

​Coming Soon

Georgia Back Pack Food 4 Kids

  • Provide weekend supply of nutritious food for local children every week when school lunch and breakfast is unavailable.

Past Projects and thank you notes

Help the orphans in Haiti Project

​In Haiti there isn’t a public school system. Therefore, those that can afford to send their kids to school either have that luxury or make huge sacrifices. Almost every organization and foundation talks about education for children in Haiti because there’s a huge demand. Because Balm Seeds, Inc. has partnered with Marie’s Village foundation we have begun the rehab on a rundown school destroyed during the earthquake in the village that will get 120 kids in school immediately. On behalf of Marie’s Village Foundation, I am taking the responsibility to thank Balm Seeds for their generous donations and support throughout the years. Their donation has helped us continue to give better education of life for our children of Haiti.


I can’t say it enough: Thank you for the boxes of books and school supplies for our last mission trip. Your gifts are so significant in lives of the children in third world countries. Thank you for your commitment to give and to see lives of children transformed through education.

Warmest Regards,

Marie Yveline F. Adam




The American English Academy in Haiti would like to thank you for your generous gift. Because of your gift we were able to provide 100 students uniforms and books for the upcoming school year. The parents of the students do not have income to pay for these books and materials and it is a heavy burden for some parents to bear. Because of your books, resources and supplies our students were able

Modern American English School in north Acul, Haiti
Renaud Jean, Director


Once a month I meet with the children in the city Ouanaminthe, I teach them how a sense of worth will make them fearless…. No mountain too high, no task too big and I help them understand how their actions can help to achieve mutual goals. With the help of Balm Seeds, Inc. a warm meal is provided when they meet once a month, Balm Seeds Inc. supports individuals like myself who is positively impacting our community.

Pastor Enock Augustin




Austell Taskforce-
Thank you for your generous donations and school supplies